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Gör dina egna matoljor i köket. Does your own cooking oil in the kitchen. Oilpress TYPE 20 and electric aggregate box. (Earth fault contact breaker in the electrical cabinet for safety purposes. Start electric heater and fuse.) with Assistent original. Mincing-machine be included. Köttkvarn ingår.  Type 20 is for one's own housekeeping. The appliance is intended for normal domestic use in accordance with the instructions for use. The appliance is not designed for commercial use.  The appliance is not earthed and therefore may not be used outdoors, or no wet surfaces.

Type 20 är för hushållsbruk. VIDEO Typ20 inger3m.5.avi   Video  Assistent Original Information

This picture is an old Electrolux Assistent not for sale .            New Model AKM6120MW White and AKM6120B Black  stronger motor 800 W

                                                                                        Assistent Original - Svensk Köksmaskin Hushållsassistent Köksassistent Kitchen
                                                                                     machine Kitchen Assistant - Bäst i Test 

Video  Assistent Original Information

Detailed technical information

Assistent® Original is an incredibly durable machine which has been known for generations and is superior in functionality and versatility. The machine is currently available in black and white structure.
The new 220/240 volt motor of 800 W and the unique gear drive provides a silent and powerful machine. The accessories are easy to use and all parts in contact with food can be washed in the dish washer (except the meat grinder and the strainer aluminium parts). 

AKM6120MW  are equipped with the following accessories:
7 liter stainless steel bowl, bowl cover, dough roller, scrape and knife a dough hook and 3.5-liter double beater.

Technical data:
Power: 800 W
Height: 360 mm
Width: 268 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Weight: 8.6 kg
Color: Black and Mineral White
Other: Seamlessly variable speed control. Overload protection.
Dough liquid Capacity: 1.5 l
Dough Capacity: 5 kg

Screw presses for cold pressing seed about 7-9 % watercontent.
The   ideal press for everybody who intends to produce oil, edible oil,  Pflanzenöl, hemp seed oil, health food, Reformkost etc.
Oilpress for School, Laboratory, University, College,  Agriculture University,  Small Company, Health food,
Small Manufacturing company,

You can choose different models of presses. Manufactured by concentrating on reliability,
durability, low weight, easy serviceability, simple power supply and a low price.
Bake bread, bake cookie. small bread. kneading doughGrind flesh, fish, liver, potatios,  orange, spinach make sausage

Färsk och nyttig olja. Oljor till mat och hälsoolja. Oljorna är bäst när den är nypressad.
Dessutom blir det linfrökaka rapsfrökaka som är bra mat till djuren häst, ko, hund, katt, kanin, får, gris mm.

Typ20bild9.JPG (45599 bytes) This picture model is old and not for sale

Type 20 with  Assistent Original New .
Price Call my dealers  for pricing   Export

New model AKM6120  in Sweden     


Make oil. rapeoil. linseedoil, sunfloweroil etc. Furthermore!   It helps you to process food in every imaginable way and it will   save you money too! By using it to bake the bread for your family, the   Assistent will pay for itself in one year.   Med Assistent original kan du baka bröd mm. till hela familjen,   Assistenten betalar sig själv på ett år.   Använd kvarnen till malning av : kött, fläsk, lever, fisk, potatis, nässlor, grönkål, spenat, apelsiner etc. Toppen att få färsk linfröolja för bara  2:- litern. I hälsokost affärerna kostar den c:a 400:- litern. Kalkyl: Frökostnad c.a 9:- för 4 kg linfrö. Utav dessa 9:- får du 3 kg foder som är värd mellan 7:- till 9:-kr till hästen och hunden. Linoljan har du producerat för c:a 2:- Frö köper du av lantmännen eller från lantbrukare.
 Oilpress Type 20 and electric aggregate box. (Eearth fault contact breaker in the electrical cabinet for safety purposes. Start electric heater and fuse.)  attachment to   Assistent original  Mincing-machine be included

You must already have the  Assistent original You can
not make use of Type20 without the Assisten
t original.
Price ex works Örebro, Sweden, unpacked

Call my dealers  for pricing      
Oljepressen Typ 20 tillsats till Assistent original . Pris 6500:- + Moms

Elskåp värmekrage, jordfelsbrytare och  
    Köttkvarn ingår.
Assistent orginal  is not include.   Assistent original ingår ej.

VIDEO Typ20 inger3m.5.avi 


Motor Kw 1 phase 

0.800  kw

Power supply   Ready to use with the touch of a button. 

220Volt 1 phase AC  50 Hz 
(USA, Trinidad etc 120, 240 volt
1 phase AC 50/ 60 Hz)

Plugged into a socket outlet. 

Capacity litres/hour: approx  Dependent on the condition of the seed. 

1 litre Linseed oil, flax oil/ hour. 
 0.25 litreSoybean  /hour
1.5 litre Rape oil / hour. 
2 litre Sunflower oil / hour.  
3 litre Jojoba oil /hour.

0.26 - 0.79 Gallon/ hour

Extraction % OIL: approx 
Dependent on the condition of the seed. 

25 - 30% of seed weight

Capacity kg seed / hour approx: 

4 - 8 kg seed
8.81 - 17.63 Pound /hour
Test of seed result.
Extraction % OIL: approx.
Dependent on the condition of the seed.

Length mm 

400 mm 

Width mm 

400 mm

Height with filling hopper

430 mm (Without filling hopper 280 mm)

Weight  Assistent Original AKM6120 and packing

(Without oilpress 11.6 kg)

  Weight  Electric aggregate box 

1.7 kg

  Weight oilpress Type 20 

4.2 kg

  Moms tillkommer i Sverige. 


Type 20 and the
 Assistent Original.   Price ex works Örebro, Sweden, unpacked

Call my dealers  for pricing

1 pcs Oilpress TäbyPress Type 20 without   Assistant Original 230 volt 50 Hz 1 phase  

Call my dealers  for pricing

Price Sparepart press-screw   0.3 kg
Price Sparepart press-tube 1.7 kg

900:-SEK     Price USD
1800:-SEK   Price USD
Moms tillkommer på alla priser i Sverige 25%  

 Manufacturer Assistent:

History: http://www.assistent-original.se/website2/
Köksmaskin Assistent L 3859. introducerades 1940 och bifogades då med en speciell samling kristidsrecept. Formgivaren till denna produkt var Alvar Lenning, som gav maskinen en tidstypisk strömlinjeformad rund design som stod sig ända fram till 1969 med några smärre förändringar. 1969 kom Assistent Variomat mod N 6 som skilde sig från den gamla genom sitt nya motorstativ som var mer kantigt. Färgsättningen var ljusbeige/grå. De stora nyheterna på Assistent Variomat var att den hade steglös tid- och varvtalsreglering. 1990 introducerades köksmaskin Assistent i USA under namnet Magic Mill. Text från http://www.tekniskamuseet.se/templates/Collection.aspx?id=2875

On video the Assisten Original is not standard    Not standard for sale Old machine
Type 20 Manual

VIDEO:  From Skeppsta Maskin AB



Ankarsrum Assistent Original  homesite   http://www.assistent-original.se/website2/

Sparepart list, Manual, Type 20     Oilpress-comparison            To get Acrobat Reader    
Currency Converter  Price to USD and other.
Rape-oil for  diesel-engine. ECO-Tuning of  diesel-engine, car and tractor.
Retail dealers of Oilpress TäbyPress. 
Terms of sales
Guarantee of Assistent Original. 
SKEPPSTA MASKIN AB  har inget krav gentemot tillverkaren av Electrolux Assistent " Electrolux Floor Care and Light Appliances" avseende ansvar eller garantiåtaganden när Skeppsta Masin AB är säljare av Electrolux Assistent.

SKEPPSTA MACHINE LTD have no requirements against manufacturer of Assistant Original " Floor Care and Light Appliances" reference liability, guarantee or repair when Skeppsta Masin LTD is seller of Assistant Original.

All garanti måste gå genom Skeppsta Maskin AB för att garantin ska gälla 12 månader efter leverans. Reperation av annat företag godkännes ej av Skeppsta Maskin AB

All guarantee must go through Skeppsta Machine LTD in order to guarantee shall valid 12 months after delivery. Repair of other company approved don´t of Skeppsta Machine LTD

Broschyr Svensk   
Adresser kontakter. Tillsatser, dunkar, silos, frö

Raps diesel konvertering SVO   
SVO Straight Vegetable Oil , Diesel Conversion Kit

The price do not include V.A.T. (Value-added tax) Moms tillkommer i Sverige

                    Hardened steel in press tools.  Motor protection. Automatic cut-out if press screw overheats. Startwarmthcollar with thermostat. Prepared for oxygenfree pressing. Interchangeable nozzles, tools and instruction manual supplied. We reserve the right to make changes to technical data and design without prior notifications.
Skeppsta Maskin AB manufactured also oil-cleaning filter TäbyFilter Type F70 S2-1 
Request an offer, price, freight, and date of delivery.      Begär pris , frakt, levtid.
Skeppsta Maskin AB
Bengt Jonsson
Täby Skeppsta
S-705 94 ÖREBRO
Tel: +46-19 22 80 05 Fax: +46-19 22 80 05
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