Hint to get started with oil-extract

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Economic calculation:

That produce oil with TäbyPressen costing about 0,20 Sek in machine cost per litre

under 3 year.( for short time) Then is the oilpress paid . The price on linseed-oil out to end-customer is about 39:SEK /litre

Calculation on a other ways. TäbyPressen Type 40 a costing 20 000:-. Purchase 5000 kg linseed altogether

with the oilpress, you buys for 30 000:-. Press oil under 14 days you have now 1250 litre linseed-oil a 30:-Sek = 37 500:- Sek plus 3750 kg linseed-cake rate 9 375:- all together becomes it 46 875:- Profit the first pressing

16 875:- Press now next 5000 Kg and 14 days. The profit have now trodden to 36 875:- because that the press

paid you on the first pressningen. Notice that the price for the linseed oil in calculation 30:- is without jerrican, decal and

vat. Out pice normally out to the end-customer is about 39:-SEK.  Jerrican costing just 3:- decal 1:-. Other charges for

that sell the oil and the linseed-cake etc is added.

Can you produce cooking oil as is calculation about the same that to linseed-oil.

It greatest hint for a businessman is that rent in himself at a cereals-company or a bigger agriculture..

None freight from a cereals-company , the can wipe and cleanse the seed. You receives seed directly from the silo. Often

access to trucks loaders. dares, analysis etc

Many lorries that goes to and from  through Sweden does it easy that arrange cheap freights and so on

Rent a space near a silo, mount up the oilpresses arrange monitoring with alarm Arrange office packing.room.
When the oilpress plant is completed for automatic monitoring be needed very little monitoring.

The seed flow in in the press the oil flow down in a sediment tank from this vessel flow the oil to a

store-tank. From the store-tank pump the oil to a seller-tank. For cooking oil approved


The seed-cake transportation to a store-place for the cake . The cake is completed for sale directly.

The sediment from the sediment tank mix to the seed-cake, mix is about 70 kg in 2930 kg.

There are none bound for how big the oilpress plant can become. Want to you become the biggest private oilpress-plant in

Sweden acquires you just buy 8 st Type 90. Then produces you 500 litre x 8 x360 days about 14 milijoner litre

per year. With a profit on 0,20 SEK litre becomes it 280 000:SEK -Increases you profit to 80 öre becomes profit 1.2

milijoner Sek . See below what out-price can become at correct reasoning plus correct interest for development etc.

This oilpress-plant have become a round production, none be that becomes apostasy. From the different

the products, the seed-cake plus the oil can man pack the products to completed customer packing that

increases out-price with over 300 % and more.

From manufacturer cost on linseed-oil on 3:- Sek can seller-price on the oil become from 18:- to 30:- litreHealth food 400 :- litre.

The seed-cake can be sell in big-bag to cow-feed for 1.80:-Sek to over 10:- per kg if you packing and sells to

small animals rabbits dogs, horses etc.

Think on , from the raw material, have you now received maybe 4 - 7 products or more that sell.

The selling happens partly through advertising, search up, activation to affairs, tel plus on¨fairs

Was carefully with the quality, the delivery plus to do the best decal for information plus that chose

the best packing, the customer buys the product with the eye.

You wonder, why does not more people, works with to make  presses  oil.

It's new, none government, nothing else company (apart from Skeppsta Machine LTD) have use of that you

ennobler the seed, None helps you runs.Yeah ( Skeppsta Machine LTD) No neighbours to ask. No company that

co-operate with you that can make money on that you start.

The technique plus monitoring and that sell is more widespread now than formerly. Data, the internet mm does it cheaply that

market products. It's now that the train goes with that constitute activations.

Correct in the time Non-polluting product. Both for energy plus to food. Endless market it becomes never for veryfood and energy.

Probably flame prices occasionally but then does people of with yet more of these things that makes that the prices is kept

up. The product becomes never out of date

I desires you welcome as oil-press with TÄBY-PRESSEN.

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