1    Pour  500 Litre raw rapsoil  in a sprayer from plant protection in agriculture.
2    Approximately 14 % to 22% of rapsoil = 70 litres to 110 litres methanol blend mix with 4.5 kg
3    Mix good before you pour in it in the tank.
     Warm up 60- 70 Gr C
     Mix 2 - 3 hours.
6       Stand 2 - 3 days.

       There are now RME and glycerol in the tank . Then you can wash the RME with water and air.
    RME pumps to another open tank.
      The metanol evaporates.
8    Test with a density meter.  RME 0,88     Raw rapsolja 0,92  PH 7
    Ready to use to tractors and cars.
10   Let the glycerol out of the tank.  Start a new batch
     Biodiesel Processor   Biodiesel Processor


Warning. There are some rules to handle metanol and causticsoda.
In the winter blend RME with 60% usual winterdiesel to get better viscosity.
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