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Skeppsta Machine AB  has sold oil presses to every continent on earth. Production began in 1987    Asia, Europe,Denmark Norway Finland.Germany Spain  Schweiz North America, Central America and the Caribbean,South America, Sub-Saharan Africa Australia and Oceania, Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Iran  India. North Africa, and Greater Arabia.Vietnam. North Korean



Direct drive, no belts or chains between the drive unit and the press part.

Helical gears in the gear box, of industrial quality.

Hardened press components, even those which are not wear parts, provide improved durability when dismantling.

There is No stainless steel in the press screw press tube, and press head in TabyPress.

In an oil production of vegetable seeds with screw press are different rules as other food production such as meat and milk or juice. The oil is anti-corrosive. The oil occurs hardly any water. . The milk contains about 87% water. In a dairy is no wear material from pipes or silos tanks mm. In an oil press, it becomes more hard materials from machine parts. With stainless steel, the press screw will the chromium and nickel which are toxic to humans.
Therefore, it should be hardened steel not stainless steel in the press screw oil press for vegetable seeds.

Not good for the environment and the health of animals and humans with stainless steel in press parts for vegetable seeds.

Combines transport trolleys scales silo bags to store seeds and pellets is not wise to make stainless steel.
Inside the oil press polished surface and there is no rust.
Hardened steel is durable and hardwearing.
Low cost for wear parts. The press tube is of simple design with no threads.
fordel-pressror1-320.jpg (18569 bytes) 
The press screw can be repaired, which means low wear costs. It is case-hardened, not just hard chromium plated.

Exchange the presscrew is very easy look at : fordel-byte-skruv1-320.jpg (22433 bytes)  fordel-byte-skruv2-320.jpg (20410 bytes)

Reversible press tube, provides even wear and longer service-life.

For pressing big seeds. or very light seeds in m3. Animation  video


Press screw part 2002  low cost. you can change 180  angle and worn again  Animation Video


World Patent



See Oil press in works realtime in Finland
5 units Type 90-2 Double  Double  run night and day,  months after months . Over  33 000 hours á oil press running.  http://rypsipuristamo.no-ip.org/


If any dealer changes something in their own way no guarantees or support from Skeppsta Maskin AB

Steel in parts

Not stainless steel in my oil press because the risk of toxic chromium Cr. and nickel Ni. in the oil and feed cake.

No advantage of using stainless in press parts on an oil press.
Rust does not exist inside an oil press because of oil is rust preventive and seeds contain no more than 7-9% water.
There is no advantage to using stainless  steel, but great disadvantages toxic and not as durable as hardened steel.


It is hardened steel in a Taby Press from Skeppsta Maskin AB

The carbon cycle  C in my oilpress is good for you . 0,20%
Carbon is a chemical element with the chemical symbol C in the periodic table. There is coal in almost everything you eat and drink. Coal is an important building block of all living things, and because all living things are born, grow, die and decompose, so moving the carbon atoms and becomes the new threads all the time. All carbon atoms in existence today are the same as ever existed on earth. They are part of a big cycle.

SIS 2172 in presstube    C     Max    0.20%

and press parts             Si     Max    0.55%

                                    Mn   Max    1.60%

                                    P     Max    0.045%

                                    S     Max    0.045%

SIS 2511 in press screw  C     0.13 - 0.18%

                                    Si     0.15 - 0.40%

                                    Mn   0.70 - 1.10%

                                    P     Max    0.035%

                                    S     Max    0.050%

                                    Cr    0.60 - 1.00%

                                    Ni    0.80 - 1.20%

                                    Mo     Max    0.10%


Toxicity of Chromium Cr. and Nickel Ni.

The carcinogenity of chromate dust is known for a long time, and in 1890 the first publication described the elevated cancer risk of workers in a chromate dye company http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_toxicity

For oil press as wears out press parts and materials coming out of the oil and cake. Therefore, I use SIS 2511 ,
In the stainless steel is 12 % to 16% Chromium and . 3-3.5 % . Nickel
Chrome and Nickel is carcinogen
That it must be stainless steel in dairy wine making juice and meat production is real. But the press screw on an oil press is something else entirely. durable material coming out in the cooking oil and animal feed.
Vegetable oils contain very little water, while wine and milk contains over 80% water
These stainless steel pipes do not wears the milk flowing in the pipes.
There is a big difference between an oil press that metal wear to the oil and feed and dairy.
or wine industry. Chromium and Nickel in unnatural shape as the metals are dangerous. Crom naturally in natural foods are less hazardous.
Nickel (Ni)is a nasty toxic metal and a known carcinogen. It is one of the metals we see most commonly in toxicity tests. It appears stuck onto DNA, stuck on to translocator protein and is often present in blood at high levels. Nickel is a problem because it "looks" like zinc.

Chromium toxicity can lead to many skin and respiratory problems, and sometimes can even be life-threatening. Read on to know more about the toxic effects of chromium in humans

Ïn many years  are Oil press made without steinless steel and it is no problem in the oil and cake   C carbois good for You

You might not think of this when you look fine looking stainless tubes , but illusion is deceptive knowledge.

Nickel  and Chromium is toxic to humans.  Check on internet about Nickel  and Chrom   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_toxicity

It is important not to be accused of the risk of producing nickel and crom allergies

In the press screw  Press tube Press house Press Head  Nozzle it is no good with stainless  steel.  Stainless Stell can also be rust if you have much water

Of course, kitchen knives and equipment in stainless steel kitchen when working with water in food. meat and so on. It's different when it becomes abrasive Crom nickel in feed for animals and people in the seed cake. To be sure of selling a good product to consumers without the risk of allergy and disease should not use oil presses, stainless steel chrome also nickel in oil production.

Nobody has done tests on the cake and the oil when pressed with stainless steel.
Future delicate test equipment and studies in animals and humans may find damage caused by chromium and nickel abrasion material

No one knows how dangerous it is poisonous. To be safe, do not use stainless steel in an oil press.
Only the authorities of the dairy industry makes the statement. They do not know how an oil press works
They just know that milk contains 87% water

 Press tubes are inexpensive. Therefore several press tubes can be kept in stock for different types of seed.

 Exchangeable nozzles. Simple design, no threads. Low price. Seed cakes of the pellet type.

 No threads in the press tube which could otherwise become clogged up with dried linseed oil and leftover seeds,
 making the press tube difficult to dismantle. Having no threads also means it is easier to assemble without having
 to worry about seeds getting caught in threads.
 Transparent inlet pipe provides the best view. A sensor can be mounted in the inlet pipe to the hopper.

A Watch  Guard guard.JPG (33050 bytes)can mount on the oil-press.
The bearing housing has standard bearings which means low cost ball bearings.

Both slits and hole for the oil in press-tube less risk for stop.'
Big slits in press-house, less risk for rotation and wears. fordel-presshus1-320.jpg (28026 bytes)
Overload protection is provided by means of torque limit.

The variator is by means of a static frequency changer, which means no mechanical wear, etc.

Soft start, the rotation speed rises to the motor on-speed gradually without jerking.

A toothed coupling between the gears and the oil press provides a soft power transition.

Reversing option, useful when you want to dismantle the press head, etc., and if a foreign object becomes lodged in the unit.

A display shows amps, rotation speed, volts and Hz.

Fault location capability via the display, the four most recent faults triggered are stored.

Overheating protection 140 oC on the press head. Low current, 24 volts, in the cable, for safety purposes.

A heating collar with a thermostat provides good starting up without the need to change nozzles or to heat by using an external heat source, for safety reasons etc.

Heat is provided via the heated collar; useful for pressing very cold seed in the winter.

The robust electrical cabinet complies with CE and EMC norms.

Screened electrical cables. The sheet steel cabinet protects the electrical components. A sighting glass allows inspection without opening a cover.

There is room for an instruction book etc. in the electrical cabinet.

There is an earth fault contact breaker in the electrical cabinet for safety purposes.

There are fuses in the electrical cabinet.
elskop55fri3.JPG (49524 bytes)elskop-55-doorfri.JPG (21557 bytes)
The press is divided into three parts: the electrical cabinet, a pressing unit and the motor gear unit. This facilitates servicing.

Standard components, manufactured in the West, are easy to service and can be obtained quickly.

The oil presses are not heavy. Type 55 weighs 62 kg. Their small size means that the press is easy to position

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